Power Ten Rowing (How to Build a Staple Business in your Niche Using Instagram)

Power Ten rowing is a clothing and accessory e-commerce store selling rowing related gear.  Their Instagram account has over 10,000 followers (second biggest rowing Instagram account overall), and they enjoy a steady influx of organic traffic and sales. 

Here's the step by step process we used to grow this business from 0 to hero!


1. Finding a niche: When our client consulted us, she came to us with one goal in mind: making money and having fun while doing it. After a few minutes, during our strategy call, it was clear that she loved rowing. 

We recommended rowing because it was something our client was passionate about and it was also a small enough niche to penetrate (generally, the bigger the niche is, the more competitive it can get).


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2. Building a site: Our client didn't want to commit to buying too much inventory, so we helped her set up her Shopify store. Made to order allowed us to be much more adaptable in meeting demand and finding out what sells and what doesn't


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4. Creating content: At this point, we decided to create content on Instagram, since, after doing market research, we found out that the majority of rowers hang out there! Our team was hard at work creating as many memes as possible. The memes (any piece of content really) needs to be highly relevant and relatable to the audience. Our success on Instagram is undoubtedly due to how much rowers related to the posts. 

5. Promoting products with timed posts: We wanted to promote products on the store but we didn't want to clutter our profile so we posted product pictures for a few hours (3 or 6 hours) and we would take them down right after. The new product tagging feature on Instagram has made selling on Instagram a breeze. Before that, we had to add a link to the page Bio and get people to the bio by telling them in the image caption!

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6. Creating seasonal products and gift Ideas: Once traffic started pouring in, we helped our client with coming up with great new product offerings to cross-sell, upsell and re-engage old customers. The bigger the community got, the more engagement we had (Lesson learned for us --> team sports niches tend to have a lot more engagement because people like to share their passion with their peers)


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7. Get your audience to create content for you: Once we got big enough, we had our inbox full of messages and photos. People wanted us to feature their team, and on our page, they wanted shoutouts or re-posts. It was cool to see how the page was starting to run itself almost. We had indeed built a community. Also, after digging a bit deeper, we found out that our client was coaching para-rowers so we helped her set up a fundraising account and she started donating part of the sales to this project. 


8. Our client is now enjoying her new business and community we helped her create.

Check out her Insta profile here! 

Check out her site here!

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