Zoppi Kitchenware (A few steps away from financial independence)

Out of all projects we worked on, Zoppi Kitchenware is the true essence of passive income!



The idea of Zoppi was to set up a company that could generate a minimum of $3,000 in profits per month. This income would be then used to fund other business ideas. 

To make this happen for our clients, we had to choose a channel that would allow us to only focus on SEO, customer service and supply chain management. We had to leave the fulfillment and other time-consuming activities to a third party company. 

Fulfilment by Amazon was the best option because of its ability to support us with shipping our product while we focused on marketing and customer relations.


1. Product research: We knew we needed a non-breakable item that was light enough to be shipped in bulk, and that had enough demand. We used JungleScout and came across silicone kitchenware. After doing more research, we decided to get started with spatulas. 


2.Name and Logo: We wanted to create a brand that resonated with all food lovers in the world; and since a big chunk of the food market is Italian, we decided to call it Zoppi Kitchenware. We wanted the name to be easy to read and pronounce (hence the 2 syllable word). The logo was sourced online on a freelance platform for less than $50. We were presented with three different choices and went with the one that most fit our brand vision. 

3. Product Sourcing: Sourcing products can be as simple as Googling manufacturers in your local area or even going on Ali Baba. Keep in mind that the closer you are to your manufacturer, the more control over the finished product you have. If you require lots of custom work, you are better off finding suppliers close to you to give instant feedback on the finished product.

4. Making the product Stand out: We knew that to make our spatulas stand out, we needed to offer something different. After review, the spatulas search result page on Amazon, we noticed that the majority of these brands were selling, red, green or yellow kitchenware. We knew we had a perfect opportunity: we were going to sell a mint/pastel that resembled the famous "Tiffany blue"colour. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 5.42.19 PM.png

5. Creating packaging: Our manufacturer offered to print the packaging for us, so all we had to do was come up with the perfect box design. We went to Upwork and found a great designer. We wanted to keep the box classy. We designed a white marble background because subconsciously, white marble is associated with quality and luxury (that trick alone, increased our sales by 20%)


Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 5.40.41 PM.png

6. Creating a fantastic listing: On Amazon, it's all about the listing! We hired a photographer to take some lifestyle shots and product images and copywriters to write the perfect product description and bullet points (if you want to stand out, don't cheap out!!!). In a matter of 5 business days, we had all the pieces in order, and we were ready to launch. 

7. Amazon PPC and Facebook Ads: In the first weeks we were promoting the new product on Amazon through their Pay Per Click platform, and we also ran quite a few awareness campaigns on Facebook. Our goal was to sell around ten items per day for at least three weeks in a row. 

8. Ongoing optimization: As we directed traffic to the listing, we had a close look at our stats. We were aiming at a minimum 20% conversion rate. After split testing product title, bullet points, pricing and several other variables, we assembled the final optimized version

The Amazon's Choice badge will increase your conversion rate even more! Always aim at getting it for your listing though good reviews, low return rate and outstanding customer service!

The Amazon's Choice badge will increase your conversion rate even more! Always aim at getting it for your listing though good reviews, low return rate and outstanding customer service!


9. Post PPC and Ads: We made it! At this point, we were finally on the first page (since we had consistent sales velocity over the past weeks) and were there to stay (because we had a healthy conversion rate).  All we needed to do now was monitor inventory, answer basic customer inquiries and... collect bi-weekly payments by Amazon!

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