Clothing E-commerce Case Study (How to scale a store to 30k+ a month)

We were approached by a business owner that was looking to scale his business from around $15,000 in monthly sales to $30,000 and more. 

After a doing an audit, we noticed that he was not taking advantage of DPA (dynamic product ads) and his retargeting was also missing. 

What we liked though, was his store conversion rate and his return customer rate! Not only were people buying, but they also came back and bought more!

This screenshot shows Q1 2018 stats (when we inherited the account)

This screenshot shows Q1 2018 stats (when we inherited the account)

Our strategy was the following:

1. Find out what are the best selling products in the store and double down on their ad spend.

2. Retarget everyone that viewed products, and added to cart (but didn't purchase). This point was essential for us since we know that if someone has already seen an item, they are much more inclined to make a purchase!

3. We were able to drive enough traffic to the store to create Lookalike audiences. That let us target new people that have similar interests to the website visitors and the customers  

4. We collected emails with a pop-up app for Shopify and created an email sequence. We never lead in with a sales email since we don't want prospects to feel like they're being sold right away. We tried to provide as much value as possible up front (Our discount/coupon email goes out third!). The first couple of emails are about how to choose different fits, sizing, material etc.

5. We offered coupons for referrals! Although not all store can do this, we were able to provide a 10% discount for both, those who referred the new customers and the new customers themselves. This business has a very healthy customer lifetime value (around $1500 for a 5-year term) so, we gladly took the upfront cut in margins. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 9.29.33 PM.png

6. Et voila! New customers, returning customers and even new referrals! It took a couple of months and a lot of work in the back-end but we are glad of where this account is at now! 

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