Google Ads Management

Just a few years ago, advertising across the country costed a fortune. When pay-per-click advertising launched, a whole new world of opportunities arose. For the less experienced though, it's very easy to oversimplify the process and end up with a big hole in your marketing budget. Gold Rush optimizes your campaigns to create a positive ROI and walks you through the ad reports to make sure you gain useful knowledge of your target market and your competitors.

Performance Based Google Ads (e-commerce)

Most entrepreneurs that we work with have been burned in the past by one or more digital marketers. It's time an agency put their money where their mouth is and charged the client based on the amount of sales the campaigns generate. This is a milestone in our industry because it allows businesses to get masterclass results with a flexible monthly fee. Please contact us to book a free audit to see if your business qualifies! If you are looking to scale your e-commerce business to 50k+ in sales a month or more, this is what you have been waiting for!

SEO & Social Media Management

Search engine optimization is now part of every business owner's vocabulary; but what does it really mean? Ultimately, SEO is a series of practices that, when done correctly, will let the search engine know that your site is a credible source of information. With on-page SEO, off-page SEO, backlinks, social media, blogging, influencer marketing and more strategies to implement, it can get very overwhelming. Let us take care of your online presence while you take care of your clients in person. 

FBA Consulting (Amazon)

The latest estimates show that receives 100 million unique visitors a month and the average Amazon shopper places 15 orders per year. If you want to capitalize on this opportunity, let us help you every step of the way. We provide consulting for Amazon SEO, PPC, copy-writing, giveaways, email marketing and reputation management. 

Private Label Consulting

Have you ever wondered how to differentiate from your competition? What if you were able to have total control over the quality, look, feel, and price of your products. With private labeling you can truly be your own boss and create something that is 100% yours. We can help you source your products, choose the right supplier, create your packaging, design and find the right channels to sell on. Contact us for more information!

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